Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A Client Justification for the Purchase of Star Finance Command Center

The Star Finance Command Center (SFCC) is a packaged finance automation software product. It is designed to overcome the challenges of the abundance of technology platforms within many of today's finance departments. SFCC provides business users with a highly accessible solution that allows them to manage the variety of complex processes across these different platforms. The product offers strong control and compliance management while allowing remote access to securely run and monitor all finance processes through web applications and smart phones.

SFCC automates the heterogeneous mix of software products that exists in today's corporations. Finance departments are tasked with maintaining, integrating, automating and ultimately orchestrating systems from Oracle Hyperion, SAP Business Objects, QlikView, Oracle RDBMS and Microsoft SQL Server as well as many home grown products. Any product with a command line interface can easily integrate with SFCC to orchestrate processes across servers, applications, and environments with a minimal amount or complete elimination of custom code. SFCC smoothes the rough edges across the thorny integration points within a cross-platform operating environment.

One of Star Analytics' clients recently allowed the posting of their purchase justification which clearly illustrates their challenges prior and desired state after SFCC is implemented. Any references to the client has been removed.  Please see this PDF:

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