Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Monitoring the Health of Oracle EPM Services

Star Analytics has released a new Star Command Center (SCC) Plugin for monitoring Oracle EPM Services.  Many of the critical Oracle EPM services are under the control of Oracle WebLogic and monitoring the “health” of these services ensures that they are available to all the other application servers.  Sometimes, the operating system will indicate that the critical service is “Started” and the port is even listening (i.e “Hyperion Reporting and Analysis Framework” or “Hyperion EPMA Server” ), but the “health” of the service is a different story.  Traditionally, the administrator or a user will hit the corresponding webpage of the service with no response.  At this point, it is time to restart the service.  The new functions in this SCC Plugin will prevent this situation and instead all critical Oracle EPM services can be proactively monitored.   Learn more at:

If you want to try it in your environment, try the trial license and then import the sample monitoring process via the "File" menu and choose "Import" in the SCC Admin Console.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Start & Stop Hyperion Services the Right Way

Star Analytics released a new Star Command Center Plugin for Systems administration. Included in the release are two new prepacked processes to cleanly start and stop Hyperion EPM services.  Learn more here:

The processes are available after you have installed a trial version of the software:
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM Start-up Process – Download
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM Shutdown Process – Download
There are also new cross platform monitoring capabilities: and here is a full list of all the functions in this Plugin:
  • Get System Information - a cross platform (Windows, Linux and UNIX) feature to report current resources usage of a computing environment.
  • Get Process Information - a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and UNIX) feature to report current resource usage of a running process.
  • List Windows Services - a feature to report current running state of all Windows services. 
  • Check Windows Service – a feature to report current running state and the listening port of a single Windows service. 
  • Check Ports now supports all platforms (Windows, Linux and UNIX). 
  • Check Ports now reports all standard port states: LISTEN, ESTABLISHED and CLOSED. 
  • Manage (Start / Stop) Windows Service now has integrated port monitoring with the management of a Windows service.