Tuesday, February 8, 2011

QlikView for Essbase

In the previous posts, we discussed Hyperion Automation and noted that long time Hyperion luminaries within Oracle have been very supportive in lending their praise to the Star Finance Command Center (SFCC) and its value proposition for automating processes not only across Hyperion products, but a whole ecosystem of other applications as well. This post focuses on our second product: the Star Integration Server (SIS).

Star Analytics’ goal is to provide software that truly opens and connects application processes and data with other applications. SIS is designed to provide high volume extract of any level of data and metadata from Oracle Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Planning and Oracle Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) to a standard Star Schema. Star has many customer cases of SIS being used to not only move data between the varying dimensionality of Hyperion applications, but also to data warehouses for consumption by various reporting and BI tools. Thus, SIS far more fully enables users to have open application solutions and more easily use their tool of choice around their Hyperion data.

One BI tool of choice that has been gaining popularity over the past few years is QlikView. At Star, we’ve seen a notable uptick in QlikView at large enterprise accounts, and a growing interest to bring Hyperion data into QlikView for mashing with other operational data for a more comprehensive organizational view.

Recently, Star Analytics released a new version of SIS that serves up QlikView ready data; making it easy to share all levels of Essbase data across financial and operational oriented dashboards. To see more, check out the PDF file: http://staranalytics.com/blog/blogfiles/Integrating_Hyperion_to_QlikView.pdf

As a final note, consulting companies like NxGen Consulting see the demand for this solution which is contributing to growing their practice: http://nxgenconsulting.com/services_Star.html

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