Thursday, February 9, 2012

Start & Stop Hyperion Services the Right Way

Star Analytics released a new Star Command Center Plugin for Systems administration. Included in the release are two new prepacked processes to cleanly start and stop Hyperion EPM services.  Learn more here:

The processes are available after you have installed a trial version of the software:
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM Start-up Process – Download
  • Oracle Hyperion EPM Shutdown Process – Download
There are also new cross platform monitoring capabilities: and here is a full list of all the functions in this Plugin:
  • Get System Information - a cross platform (Windows, Linux and UNIX) feature to report current resources usage of a computing environment.
  • Get Process Information - a cross-platform (Windows, Linux and UNIX) feature to report current resource usage of a running process.
  • List Windows Services - a feature to report current running state of all Windows services. 
  • Check Windows Service – a feature to report current running state and the listening port of a single Windows service. 
  • Check Ports now supports all platforms (Windows, Linux and UNIX). 
  • Check Ports now reports all standard port states: LISTEN, ESTABLISHED and CLOSED. 
  • Manage (Start / Stop) Windows Service now has integrated port monitoring with the management of a Windows service.

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